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One of the best depackaging machines on the market

Waste De-packagingThe Dominator depackaging machine was recently featured in leading waste management magazine following its installation at Peat soil in Australia.

The machine is used to unpack a number of different waste food stocks before being used in the production of compost. 

ELB Equipment are the exclusive dealers for the Dominator depackaging machine in the Australasian area. For any enquires please head to their website for further details -

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Shredder replacement

Shredder ReplacementRowan Engineering recently supplied a brand new depackaging machine to a multi-national waste processor 

The customer was previously using a shredder to de-box and separate material before it was sent for further processing. However, the particle size after shredding was too small which meant the product was unable to be sorted efficiently. The small particle size was also causing downstream processing problems. The Dominator was set up to be far more gentle on the product which has helped solve these issues

Now using the Dominator the customer has dramatically increased the percentage of material that is recovered from the process.

For more information about how the Dominator depackaging machine can help your business contact us today.

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Another LR Dominator leaves the factory

LR Dominator Depackaging Machine

Our compact model features an integrated feed hopper, complete with optional bolt-on greedy boards for extra capacity, and a pre-wired control panel which makes it a truly plug and play de-packaging solution.  This unit was fitted with the 1800 Dominator which can process up to 4m3 per hour of material, and the hopper can be fitted with a bridge breaking device to assist with difficult to handle materials.  As and when required, a larger Dominator can be fitted to the same frame with minimal work, meaning the Dominator can grow with your business.  For ease of transportation, the LR Dominator is designed to fit a shipping container for our international customers, or closer to home can be moved using a HIAB equipped lorry as shown.

Deboxing and Deblistering Waste Pharmaceutical Products

Deblistering Waste Pharmaceutical ProductsDominator depackaging machines x 2 were recently installed at a factory which specialises in the recovery of materials from waste pharmaceutical products.

The first machine was set up to de box aluminium blister packs from their cardboard boxes, these blister packs were then separated using an eddy current separator before falling into a second machine. This second machine then removed the tablets from the blister packs so the aluminium could be sent for recycling. Due to the versatility of the Dominator, the same model was used in both stages, but different paddle settings and shaft speeds were used to optimise performance. Instead of sending these blister packs to landfill the customer is now able to recover the aluminium and has another revenue stream.

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