Unsure if the Dominator will depackage your product or just want to have a look around the machine? Why not send us a sample and we can process it through our trial machine.

Due to customer demand we have installed a depackaging line at our site in Cheltenham.
This machine can handle all types of product, both wet and dry. Customers can either view the trial themselves or we can send you a video of the trial.
Please note – some trials will be subject to cleaning and handling charges
  • Food Waste Depackaging:
    Recycled, Surplus, Former Food Stuffs & Rejected food
  • Pharmaceutical Depackaging:
    Tablet blister packs, Small pill bottles, Shampoo bottles, Sun cream tubes, Large industrial chemical bottles
  • Tin Cans:
    Drinks, animal food, aerosol cans
  • Plastic Bottles:
    Large and small bottles
  • Municiple Waste:
    Curbside, recycled or bin waste
  • Tetra Pack:
    Milk, vegetables, Liquids