About The Dominator Depackaging Machine

Depending on your requirements and your objectives, we can supply The Dominator in three different ways:

1. Waste Depackaging Machine Only

We supply the machine, you supply the rest

2. End-to-end Depackaging Line

We supply everything you need; The Dominator, Intake Hopper, Screw Conveyors, Pumps, Controls Panel, Platform and anything needed

3. The LR Model

Requiring a minimal footprint and minimal installation; this all-in-one depackaging solution includes an integrated hopper, feed screw and control panel.

Model Construction Power No: paddles Throughput Barrel size (mm)
1800 Carbon steel 15kw shaft mounted Up to 46 Up to 4m3/h 1800 x 350 Ø
2000 Mild steel or stainless steel 22kw on belt & pulley Up to 52 Up to 6m3/h 2000 x 500 Ø
2500 Carbon steel or S Steel 22kw to 30kw on belt & pulley Up to 72 Up to 12m3/h 2500 x 500 Ø
3000 Carbon steel or S Steel 30kw to 45kw on belt & pulley Up to 78 Up to 15m3/h   3000 x 500 Ø
3500 Carbon steel or S Steel 55kw to 75kw on belt & pulley Up to 96 Up to 25m3/h   3500 x 660 Ø

Different variables available for our range of de-packaging machines

  • Mild steel or Stainless steel 316 construction

  • 15kW to 75kW motor

  • Various paddles designs available, depending on product being processed 

  • 1.8m to 3.5m barrel length

  • Various screen sizes available depending on customer requirements 

  • Up to 25m3/hr throughput depending on material being processed 

  • Effluent injection points can be added to the barrel to assist with wet waste

  • Dominator can be customised to suit your exact requirements

Waste Depackaging Machine Supplier Agents Worldwide

We have agents for our waste processing equipment in Spain, Romania, Australia and New Zealand.

We are always on the lookout for agents from other parts of the world, please get in contact if you would like to discuss possible opportunities.

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