• Energy recovery from municipal waste is the conversion of non-recyclable waste materials into usable energy like heat, electricity, or fuel through a variety of processes, including combustion, gasification, pyrolization, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery. This process is often called waste to energy by the industry.
  • After viewing the Dominator depackaging system at one of our previous installations a customer decided that this system would be perfect to suit their municiple waste needs.
  • Municipal waste is loading into an intake hopper where the waste begins the conditioning process, this waste is then augured to the Dominator depackager where plastic is removed from the food waste. The food waste is then pumped into a holding tank to be used later in anaerobic digestion, waste plastic is dropped into a tote bin and sent for further cleaning before being recycled.
  • The waste could then generate a renewable energy source to help reduce carbon emissions, by offsetting the need for energy from declining fossil sources and also helps reduce methane generation from municiple landfill site.

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