Food Waste

Spoiled, rejected, expired or surplus food, kerbside collection, commercial waste, organic waste and source separated organics (SSO)

With the Dominator Depackaging machine, surplus, expired, spoiled or rejected food can all be processed and then used for Anaerobic digestion or recycled into animal feed.

The Dominator removes plastics and unwanted foreign objects from the rejected food waste, leaving the recovered food to be either dropped directly into a container below, mechanically conveyed away, or pumped into a tank.

The processed packaging can then be recycled.

Depackaging Bakery Goods

Not sure if the Dominator is for you?

We have a trial machine on site at our Cheltenham headquarters, where you can run your waste through our machines to test the output. We can conduct this for you, evidencing the output, or you are welcome to visit on site.

Alternatively, we can loan our trial machine to your premises.

*All trials are subject to covering expenses, including a cleaning fee.