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De-packaging Machines & Equipment - The Dominator

With the increasing problem of waste many companies are finding ways of reusing this waste. Unfortunately some of this waste can’t be accepted straight into the manufactures process and requires some degree of separation or removal of outer waste packaging.

The Dominator waste depackaging machine is designed to remove outer packaging and reuse waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill. The machine and associated depackaging equipment is also able to depackage wet waste.

The waste depackaging process is key in getting suitable food waste material into anaerobic digestion plants and also used in putting food back into animal feeds. Separated packaging can also then be sent for recycling, further saving waste and potentially adding additional revenue lines.


Food Waste Depackaging Machine

Food Waste Handling and Depackaging
Food Waste Depackaging Machine

Separate waste from its packaging by processing through the Dominator Depackaging machine equipment. Expired food, faulty packaging or rejected food can all be processed and then used for Anaerobic digestion or recycled into animal feed.

Pharmaceutical Depackaging machine

Blister packs, Shampoo Bottles, Cream tubes, Cosmetics
Pharmaceutical Waste Depackaging machine

Fully packaged pharmaceutical products can be put straight into the Dominator Depackaging machine, separating the medicines from the plastic and cardboard. Wet products, Shampoos or dry tablets are no trouble for the Dominator.

Metal Tin Can Depackaging Machine

Drinks, Animal foods, Aerosol and Food Tin Cans
Metal Tin Can Waste Depackaging Machine

Depackage cans to recover the liquid and food stuff contents from tin cans. Recovered metal can then be recycled and recovered product can be dealt with accordingly. The Dominator can deal with wet or dry products.

Plastic Bottle Depackaging Machine

Large and small plastic bottle Depackaging
Plastic Bottle Waste Depackaging Machine

Municiple Waste Depackaging

curbside, recycled or bin waste
Municiple Waste Depackaging

Tetra pack Depackaging Machine

Food, Drink and other liquid cartons
Tetra pack Waste Depackaging Machine

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