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The Dominator Depackaging Machine

Rowan Food & Biomass Engineering Ltd
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Food Waste Processing Separation Machines and Equipment

The Dominator Waste Depackaging Processing Machine, food waste separation handling whilst separating outer packaging from inside waste, enabling you to reuse and recycle waste that would have otherwise been sent straight to landfill.

Waste food is a fast-growing issue for many companies, councils and manufacturers. Much of the waste generated cannot be accepted straight in to the manufacturers process; but requires some degree of separation or removal of outer waste packaging before it can be processed.

The food waste separation depackaging process is crucial in getting suitable food waste material into anaerobic digestion plants and is also used in putting food back in to animal feeds. Separated packaging can then be sent for recycling; further saving waste and potentially adding additional revenue lines.

The Dominator Depackaging Machine is the solution to help process waste material from food, pharmaceutical and municipal waste, through to tetra pack, tin cans and plastic bottles, our machines can depackage food waste, both wet and dry waste products.


Depackage Food Waste

Food Waste Handling and Depackaging
Food Waste Depackaging Machine

Separate organic food waste from its packaging by processing through the Dominator waste Depackaging machine equipment. Expired out of date food, faulty packaging, spoiled or rejected food can all be processed and then used for Anaerobic digestion or recycled into animal feed.


Blister packs, Shampoo Bottles, Cream tubes, Cosmetics
Pharmaceutical Waste Depackaging machine

Fully packaged commercial pharmaceutical products like blister packs can be put straight into the Dominator waste depackaging machine, separating and processing the medicine waste from the plastics and cardboard. Wet products, Shampoos or dry tablets are no trouble for the Dominator equipment.

Metal Tin Can

Drinks, Animal foods, Aerosol and Food Tin Cans
Metal Tin Can Waste Depackaging Machine

Commercial processing to Depackage cans to recover the liquid and food stuff contents from tin cans. Recovered metal can then be recycled and recovered product can be dealt with accordingly. The Dominator can deal with wet or dry metal tincan products, perfect for any commercial or residential application.

Plastic Bottle Refuse

Large and small plastic bottle Depackaging
Plastic Bottle Waste Depackaging Machine

Waste depackage and separate plastic containers and plastic bottles from their contents using the Dominator waste depackaging equipment.

Municiple Waste Solutions

curbside, recycled or bin waste
Municiple Waste Depackaging

Energy recovery from council municipal waste is the conversion of non-recyclable waste materials & packaging into usable energy like heat, electricity, or fuel through a variety of processes, including combustion, gasification, pyrolization, anaerobic digestion and landfill gas recovery.

Tetra pack Wastage

Food, Drink and other liquid cartons
Tetra pack Waste Depackaging Machine

Depackage and the separation of Tetra bottles and packaging from their contents using the Dominator depackaging equipment. Whether a commercial or residential applications, we can work with you to find the best processing solution for your needs.